TREVIM White grades

To print on snow.

Inspired by the whiteness of the snow that falls on the highest point of Lousã, the Trevim, this white paper will give a touch of distinction to your works and applications.

Substance (g/m2)

135 / 150/ 170 / 190 / 225/ 250 / 300 / 350

Available Sizes (cm)

65x92 / 70x102

White grades

Prado ´s white papers are papers with character! Bright, with rougher or more velvety textures, these papers fit the most diverse printing or finishing techniques.

ALBUS Lousã Super BWS Lousã Class Prado Digital TREVIM TREVIM Hi Performance i PRADO i PRADO +

Color grades

Be amazed by our unique color palette. Vibrant colors or natural hues? Smoothed textures or bolder finishes? It's your choice.

CLA-C CLK Lousã Class

Food Contact

The Food Contact range includes 3 products,

• Albus

• Prado Natura


Food Contact products can be used in direct contact with food. These products have Isega Certificates in accordance with the characteristics of each.

Albus Natura CLK

Art papers

Louzan Art is Prado's art papers collection. With its different textures and weights, the Louzan Art collection allows you to respond to dry and wet techniques.

Louzan Art product´s up to 200g / m2 are recommended for dry techniques such as pencil, pastel, charcoal, pen, ink, and markers. Grades above 200g / m2 are recommended for wet techniques - watercolor, gouache, oil, and acrylic and may also be suitable for dry techniques.

Louzan Art is presented in three shades of white- Natura, Bright, and Pure.

Louzan Art Sketch Louzan Art

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Other substances or colors available, under special conditions.

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