About us

Specialized producer in heavyweight paper

Internationally recognized as a specialized producer in heavyweight paper

Design and development, production and quality

With over 300 years of history, Prado-Cartolinas da Lousã has been able to adapt to the numerous business challenges. Here we live the culture of paper, sharing know-how to new generations of papermakers, using the most advanced technologies and rigorous quality control methods of our products.

Prado-Cartolinas da Lousã is a portuguese company, located in Lousã, which operates in a global market. The company is recognized internationally for being a specialist producer of heavyweight paper with a product range tailored to market requirements.



Papers you can trust

We develop and produce a wide range of products for different applications and market segments. In all our products this philosophy is reflected: Papers you can trust. It is a commitment to the market, but also an internal incentive for continuous improvement, design and development of products increasingly aligned with the satisfaction of our customers' needs.

This brand commitment reflects the quality and regularity of our products, but also the desire to maintain reliable and stable partnerships, with excellent services (delivery reliability, after-sales service, for example) and based on price stability.

Facts and Numbers

Producing paper

Since 1716

Iberian market leader

in the production of cardboards

87% of production

for export in 2022

50 Countries

global presence


Stakeholders satisfaction

  • Establish solid and fruitful partnerships.
  • Strict compliance with ethical and commitment principles in the exercise of its activity.

Appreciation and respect for people

  • People as a cornerstone of business success.
  • Develop and mobilize skills and talents, providing cohesive teams open to change and innovation.

Act with ethics and respect for the community and environment

  • Act in a sustainable manner.
  • Ethical and citizenship posture in its relationship with society.


To be a reference of excellence in the heavyweight paper sector.


Develop, produce and trade heavyweight paper products, ensuring value creation for all stakeholders and sustainable business development.

Historical Landmarks

Since its foundation, the Factory has maintained a constant productive activity, displaying the title of the oldest paper mill in the country. See some of our landmarks.


The establishment of the first paper mill in Penedo (Lousã) dates back to the late 17th century. The effective date of its origin remains unknown. The paper produced in Lousã is mention in Lisbon Customs Tariff of 1698.

However, only at the beginning of the 18th century, italian entrepreneur José Maria Ottone obtained a royal charter from D. João V to set up a factory in Penedo (Lousã) and supply the University of Coimbra with paper.

Establishment of Companhia do Papel do Prado. Between 1875 and 2003, the Penedo paper mill was part of an industrial universe that included manufacturing units in Vale Maior, Marianaia and Tomar.

Nationalization of Companhia do Papel do Prado integrated into the Portucel Group.

Deep modernization of the paper machine.

Investment in a second wire, beginning the production of paper with two equal sides.

Quality Management System Certification (NP EN ISO 9002: 1994).

Continued investment in the technological development and efficiency of the main equipment, with the acquisition of cogeneration steam generator, pulper power system and secondary fibre line.

Availability of textured products with the acquisition of an embossing machine.

Reprivatisation process of Companhia do Papel do Prado, S.A.

Addressing environmental and energy efficiency challenges: reinforcement of freshwater capture and treatment (WTP); Surface Sizing Plant; complement of Waste Water Treatment Plant (RWTP)/ ozonation; WWTP/ Secondary Treatment; closed dryer hood and aerothermal system.

Automation of the packaging line and acquisition of a new ream wrapping machine, increasing productivity and ensuring high standard packaging.

Investment in a semiautomatic finished products warehouse and associated software, ensuring faster response and availability of products to the market.

Foundation of Prado - Cartolinas da Lousã, S.A. in June 13, 2003, as a result of demerger process of Companhia do Papel do Prado, SA.

Relevant investments in the modernization of the process computer, the reuse of mil effluent /reduction of freshwater consumption and the remodelling of machine head circuits and wires.

Environmental License granted in accordance with the PCIP European Directive.

Several investments, the most relevant being the remodelling of wet presses.

Environmental Management System Certification (NP EN ISO 14001: 2004).

Forest Responsibility Chain of Custody certification (FSC-STD-40-004 and PEFC ST 2002: 2010)

Installation of a new steam generator (reduction of about 8% in natural gas consumption)

Remodeling on the cutter allowing an increase of capacity.

Prado Digital is launched.

Updated QCS (quality control system) and DCS (distributed control system), resulting in centralized process control data and improved interface and functionality.

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